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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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listed as service fee or minimum monthly usage fee, call your phone company and ask what that means. in washington, molly henaburg, fox news. shawn is in for brian on the news edge at 11:00 now. >> we begin with a news edge investigation. detroit auto workers caught on camera chugging beer, apparently doing drugs, and then heading back to work on chrysler's assembly line. similar behavior ignited a nation-wide scandal last fall but it didn't end there. our sister station in detroit caught more workers at a different factory doing the same thing. fox's ralph wolfcheck has the story. >> reporter: 11:00 a.m., lunch time at chrysler's engine plant and these guys have been working hard. safety goggles, check, high visibility work vests, check, lighter and pipe, check. but not everyone is smoking at this park just a mile from the plant. this guy is having a healthy
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lunch of chips and beer. and while this behavior during your break is against chrysler's policy, these guys aren't so reckless as to do it in a public park, no. this is private property, a private lot, and get this, it's maintained by their union, the united auto workers. 10 months ago, i showed you these chrysler workers pounding beers day after day during their lunch break. they work at the jefferson north plant in detroit. i caught them leaving for lunch, hitting up the party store and heading to the park to drink and smoke before heading back to work to finish their shift. chrysler had just been bailed out with billions of dollars of taxpayers' money. in fact, president obama himself had just given them a pep talk on the floor about the plan. and this is what we got? >> hey guys, i hate to be a buzz kill but shouldn't you guys be
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building cars? don't you guys work at the factory. the government spent money bailing you guys out and you come out and drink like this on your lunch break. >> reporter: chrysler fired several and suspended others. chrysler is not going to put up with that. your coworkers rntd going to put up with that. >> we found out about these guys the same way we found out about the others, tips from inside the plant. i got two tips from chrysler's engine plant. the tipsters told me they don't want to work with people who have been partying. it's dangerous. but here they are, just steps away from the union hall doing their thing. i've heard of guys being so hungry they inhaled their lunch, but this is ridiculous. wow. check out this guy with the pipe and the headphones. i wonder what he's listening to, because it sure must be
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relaxing. here's another guy on his lunch break, and he's a real bud man. of course i'm referring to his band ana. can you believe these guys have to go back to work to finish their shifts? but not this guy. he's not on his lunch break. he spends two hours drinking before his shift even starts. his name is terry. every day that we were watching the lot, he'd be there parked in the same spot, drinking, going to the local party store for a second round. a little more drinking. this guy is in no shape to work, but he goes anyway, day after day after day. finally, i had to confront him on his reckless behavior. >> hey, aren't you supposed to be starting work pretty soon. >> i am pretty soon here. >> what do you got in the bag, you got a couple of beers? >> beer. >> yeah, you drink beer all the time before you start work? >> no. >> you don't? didn't you come here an hour ago
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and have a couple of beers? >> yeah, i did. >> and you go sit over in that uaw lot? >> no i'm not going to go to work today. >> you're not going to go to work today? >> no. >> but you usually do, don't you? >> no but i ain't working today. >> you're not? >> no. >> you're not supposed to be driving, are you. >>. >> reporter: terry lost his license for drunk driving. his record is so bad he hasn't had a valid driver's license since 1993. time to talk to the people who maintain the lot where all the partying is going on, the uaw. gabe solano is vice president of local 372. we go outside and i show him exactly where his members are partying during their lunch break. >> you guys don't know anything about it? >> no. honest we don't see anybody out here. >> reporter: he assures me if they did they'd do something about it. >> when that information broke out in jefferson, you know, all the locals were put on notice that hey, if you have any members doing this type of
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activity, let them know it's not going to be condoend. >> reporter: it may not be condoned but it's still going on, right across the street. in detroit, rob walczek, fox news. >> chrysler officials were not happy to hear about the alleged drug and alcohol abuse. here's how they're responding tonight. >> i want to say i'm really both hurt and angered over what your cameras captured. again, unfortunately, we've got chrysler employees in a compromised position, apparently without regard for the impact of their actions and the reputation of their coworkers, of the plant, of the company. and not to mention, their own reputation and that of their families as a company in the last two years. chrysler has come way too far and made way too much progress to let the bad acts of a few put a shadow on the rest of the employees. and to be clear, we've got a code of conduct at chrysler.
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and some of the activities that we saw in your video are clearly outside of the code of conduct and are not acceptable. the employees that we identify as soon as we understand who they are will be suspended indefinitely without pay and anybody else involved in these activities will be dealt with swiftly. it's very frustrating to us and we take this very seriously. we have a lot of very, very committed folks at chrysler, we're very proud of our team. we have some people who apparently don't want to be part of the team. >> we posted the original story that sparked a nagz wide scandal on look for theling in the hot topics section. new tonight, dc mayor vincent gray and his office of public safety have a new plan to keep you safe, use government workers like say firefighters who are already on the clock to deter crime by putting them in visible locations around the city, but as fox 5's will thomas shows us, not everyone is on
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board with the idea. >> you see the red trucks and ambulances, and you know what to expect, men and women fighting fires, executing rescues, providing medical aid. you see these cars and you can bet they're working to fight crime but are the lines becoming blurred in dc. >> all we want is to deter crime. their presence there will have that impact. we just want our xhupts to be safe. >> reporter: he's the deputy mayor for the safety injustice. he says for the past three weeks, firefighters have parked their trucks in loikzs locations across dc to be a visible presence to deter crime. an e-mail sent to city officials and obtained by fox 5, fire and ems crews are being sent to potential hot spots where robberies and burglaries are feared. starting wednesday, they were sent out to coincide for the first pay-day for participants of the summer use employment
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program, who are able to withdraw it from atms and banks, making it more vulnerable to crime. >> you work for the citizens of the district of columbia, and all we're asking you to do is what we're asking any other citizen to do, if you're on the street and you see something, dial 911 and have the metropolitan police department respond. >> reporter: but the firefighters' union disagrees. >> they could potentially end up in the middle of a scene of a crime and be in harm's way themselves. when you go back to being involved in a mobile crime scene, that's not our gig. >> reporter: the president of the police union is also voicing strong opposition. >> they've never been trained on how to handle law enforcement duties. they don't have any combment and don't have any arrest powers and they put them out there because we're down 400 police officers. >> reporter: a final word from dc's top firefighter. >> i doubt any criminal in their right mind will commit a crime when there's fire apparatus out there and employees available to see what they're doing. >> reporter: bottom line is this, the city believes you don't have to wear a badge and carry a gun to deter crime.
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by the way, other dc agencies are participating in this program as well, but the unions are very clear, it's just a matter of time in their opinion before a crime does occur right where firefighters are deployed, and they could get hurt or someone else, shawn. >> will thomas, thank you. dc council mab marion barry's son is facing drug charges. chris barry was arrested in may because of a fight. officers claim they found pcp and five sandwich bags of marijuana. they say the younger barry jumped out of a window to avoid police. chris barry is charged with possession with intent to distribute. his father council man barry had no comment. graffiti painted on cars, tires slashed in a quiet neighborhood. up next, why police say this could be more than vandalism. check out some of the other stories on our run-down. the news edge is back in 60 seconds.
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>> police in prince georges county are questioning two people in connection with the homicide in bowie. officers were called after a shooting this evening. they found the victim dead inside the home. neighbors are stunned. >> it strikes me as strange because he was a very quiet person, like i said, my wife would see him out running. we didn't have a lot of interaction with him, so they're saying that he seemed to have been targeted is what i saw and heard from the police earlier, that he'd been targeted, and it's just hard for me to imagine anything he would have been involved in. i just can't think of anything right offhand. >> tonight, police say the victim was targeted and this was not a random act. no word yet though on a motive. police in silver springs are tracking a vandal who trashed about 20 cars overnight. they spray painted them with offensive graffiti and slashing them with their tires.
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detectives say based on the type of graffiti, the vandalism may be considered a hate crime. >> just going house to house slashing people's tires is crazy, spray painting people's signs is really ridiculous. they need to do something about that. >> the vandals hit overnight between 1:00 and 5:00 a.m. if you saw something, call montgomery county police. coming up next, the roger clemens perjury trial is underway here in the district. prosecutors say they have evidence that proves that he did steroids and lied to congress. plus details on the construction work that will cause major traffic delays in virginia this week. but first, take a look at this incredible picture. it's on viral. look closely there. that is a real crocodile 18 feet long, weighing in at 2 tons. a viewer snapped this photo on a croc tour in australia. they actually loured the animals
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out of the water with a piece of meat and have given this guy with the appropriate name of bruino. bruin r r lt
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>> opening arguments began today in the roger clemens perjury trial. prosecutors say needles and cotton balls of his former trainer claims he used to inject the pitcher with tested positive for his dna and steroids.
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prosecutors say the trainer kept the evidence for years because he didn't trust clemens. clemens is accused of lying to congress about steroids. a traffic alert for drivers in virginia, plus menu changes are coming to several of your favorite restaurants. laura evans has your fox 5 top 5. >> up first, avoid the tyson's corner area, if you can. number 5, from now through the end of the week, three lanes of southbound 495 will be closed from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and all of southbound 495 could close completely for about 15 minutes. it's all part of the dulles metro rail construction project. if you do get stuck, you should know to expect major delays. number 4, dc's 5 cent bag tax is paying off for some community organizations. the city awarded nearly $1 million in grants to help restore local waterways. another 300,000 is going to private firms who do the same sort of work. the projects will start at the end of the summer.
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number 3, if you want to buy us savgs bonds, don't go to your bank anymore. beginning january 1, they'll only be available online. the reason, the change will save the feds about $70 million over the first five years. bopdz will be available through the website, treasury number 2, no smoking allowed in howard county parks. in all 57 parks and rek areas. they'll ask them to leave if people continue smoking. it's an effort to keep everyone from being exposed to second hand smoke. number 1, healthier choices for your kids when you dine out. 19 restaurant chains, including burger king and chili's are planning to add healthier options to the menus. one main dish should have 600 calories or less and a side dish with 200 or less. look for whole grains and
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vegetables. that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. >> thank you, laura. it was hot and sticky and humid out there. >> it's going to be night and day in terms of today versus tomorrow. i've got a beautiful thursday. can't emphasize it enough. plan to be outside tomorrow, folks, it's going to be lovely. still a little haze in the air though. it's still humid in dc. it's much more comfortable in our northern suburbs, and we will all get there, but still trying to get some of the moisture out of here. the front is taking a little bit of its sweet time moving south and it's just south of dc now and the humidity is hanging around. this is what we hit today, 93 degrees, better than yesterday at 97. raleigh, to 97 degrees today. they were 100 yesterday. but -- and we're still finding quite a lot of heat. atlanta 97, dallas 103. this has been a big story. the heat has really been so intense over about half the country. it's going to stay hot in the south and in the midwest as well, but the northern tier will get a break and we'll feel some of that as well. look at temperatures right now,
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68 degrees. we've dropped to in gaithersburg, 67 dc, stephensville, 77 on the eastern shore and 74 degrees coming in at dulles. we are going to see some pretty nice air overnight for most of us. if you live south of dc, it may take just a little bit longer. tonight, we're watching the last of the moisture moving away, a little ground clutter showing up there. the main activity to the south, heavy rain and gusty winds through dc. but some of the northern suburbs didn't see what most of us saw. lots of warnings and flash flood concerns today but now the less humid air is what we're focusing on. it'll continue moving on during the overnight hours and the less humid air will be here in the morning. high pressure will build in. we'll have a bit of a north to northwest breeze around it, very refreshing and may actually brighten those blue skies quite a bit. let's talk about the weekend
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too. it's wednesday, time to talk about it. saturday looking terrific, 77 degrees, warm but average for this time of year. humidity should be terrific. sunday will be nice. the only thing i'll see change for sunday is it might be a little more noticeable, not uncomfortable but starting to creep up a little bit on us on sunday. overnight we go to 59 in frederick and front royal, 58 in baltimore, 68 in arlington and 66 for fredricksburg, and i think in the district, about 68. not so muggy. tomorrow, a beautiful day, less humid, 85, ought to feel great. meanwhile we take you through the weekend and looks like we'll roll rain-free the next five days. monday we get up to 89 degrees and the humidity begins to climb again as well. the all star break is over but lindsay has a full sports report for and you she's up when the news edge at 11:00 returns. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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>> good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. the us women are into the world cup finals this sunday at 2:45. their opponent, japan who dominated with 22 victories, no losses and three draws in the all-time series, including three wins this year. earlier today, the world cup semifinals, us and france, heather o'riley crosses cheney to drop it in. the us led 1-0. the french mount a come-back, 55th minute. a former member of the washington freedom sends it into the box and the ball gets past
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hope solo, this game tied 1-1. 79th minute, lauren cheney on a corner kick for the us. the hero, abbey wombach, serious hang time, and she has been the star of this world cup. her 12th career world cup goal. the us defeats france 3-1. >> at this point it's about who wants it more, about who's willing to leave it all out on the field. she comes in, scores a big goal, gets a little bit of a momentum for us. we had to play nearly perfect. they obviously had a goal on us but in the end we're in the finals and that's all that matters. there is no baseball in the big leagues because of the all star break. as some of you know i have a vested interest in one of the players. dave ross takes us there. >> thanks, murphy. there he is, brandy guyer getting accolades in the international league all star game snahe might be the best
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dressed also, gray batting gloves. >> there he is, the sharp dressed man with a line shot to left. murphy thought it was getting down for a hit but it was caught. later in the game, there is a deep shot to center field, but look at brandon going back like willy mayes, with the great catch, and the toss into the stands. no hits as of yet, but murph, he still is an all star. congratulations. back to you. >> thank you. how in the world do you not have a play by play game? come on, buddy. the nba lockout is in its 13th day, but john wall has been playing around the country, including last night. the raleigh native plays in durham, north carolina. he's known as the rucker of the south. he knocked down two freethrows and his team came away with a 73-71 victory. three of the nfl's best quarterbacks issued a joint statement today saying in effect
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it's time to end this lockout. this is a view shared by millions of fans and while it seems the two sides are close, the last sticking point appears to be the rookie wage scale. the british open is set to begin in about two hours and everybody is gunning for rory mcel roy. the last time we saw him was on the golf course june 19 when he won the us open at congressional. he's not played in a tournament since. he did attend wimbledon and a harry potter premier. he's an 8:1 favorite to win the open. >> the first 10 days after winning the us open, it was hectic trying to see everyone going here, there and everywhere. but the last 10 days have been good. i've got back into my routine, you know, practicing a lot. i've got to forget about what's happened three weeks ago and just go in here and try to win another golf tournament. >> go rory. we'll be right back.
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>> the marine corp this ball could be a star studding affair. after advancing by justin timberlake, milan accepted a marine's invitation to the dance and timber list lake has an invitation to his own. >> now, i'm going to ask


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